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A Voyage Of Time: Chinese Junk Tour

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All aboard the Oriental Dream! Let’s set sail towards the Southern Islands in a beautiful wooden Chinese Junk Boat. Once you are on this Voyage of Time, there’s no turning back.

You will be greeted by “Coolie Chai”, our passionate storyteller from the 1910s. Through the eyes of Coolie Chai, go on a voyage of time to understand the hardship of our forefathers and how Singapore made it today. From tales of the sea to stories of war, to the importance of spices and more; get ready to rediscover the history of Singapore in an immersive theatrical setting!

This theatrical boat tour is specially created to explore the Southern Islands in a new perspective. Besides taking in the idyllic sights of the sea, you also get to visit the island of Pulau Sakijang Pelepah and get upclose to nature (dependent on weather & availability).

More than just a tour, this multisensory learning experience includes fun activities to engage and encourage active learning. Perfect for families with kids and anyone who wants to learn more about Singapore in an enjoyable way!

ASEAN Bites By Bike

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Food is not just a staple item, it is weaved with the intricate culture and history of intangible heritage – its lifestyle, economy and philosophy of life. Singapore is a global hub where diverse cultures meet, and Food binds us together. While such travelling opportunities are being taken away due to the pandemic, we are going to bring ASEAN to you! On this food-focused bicycle tour, you can sample a variety of different cuisines as you ride to the vibrant and bustling Peninsula, Waterloo Street and our very own Little Thailand at Golden Mile Complex.

3 hour

Beyond Michelin Food Tour

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Beyond Michelin Food Tour is a feast for your senses. Weave through famous hawker centres and lesser-known alleys to get to the most delicious local eats. Prepare to come hungry, because we will be indulging in 10 drool-worthy local dishes! Some highlights include the most succulent Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles, aromatic local coffee, juicy Spring Rolls, golden-fried Oyster cake and plenty more.

In between food stops, work up an appetite and follow our tour guide as he enthralls you with stories of Singapore. It’s the ultimate Singapore food tour experience!

Bike & Bites Food Tour

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Wanna sample the local food but don’t wanna gain inches? Join our Bike & Bites Tour!

Cycle through the streets and taste the local food with our experienced local guide. The 3 main ethnic groups in Singapore are the Chinese, Malays and Indians. You’ll get to eat all 3!

We’ll ride to colourful Chinatown, rustic Kampung Glam (Malay Village) and intoxicating Little India! Besides sampling the delicious food, learn how these different races came to live harmoniously in Singapore.

Navigate the little streets to discover interesting facts of life in early Singapore. Ride by a temple and be awed by the hundreds of deities! See the home of the Sultan of Singapore. Flower shops, spice shops, food shops, scent shops! Be prepared for a sensory overload! Find out how the streets got their quirky names!

Oh, don’t worry about the calories. We’ll burn them as long as we keep on ridin’.

What are you waiting for? Bring your appetite and let’s go Bike & Bites!

Chek Jawa Boardwalk Nature Tour

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At the far end of Pulau Ubin is Chek Jawa, a recently-discovered wetlands that is a treasure trove of biodiversity. This rustic wonderland is home to an abundance of wildlife and diverse ecosystems, ranging from coastal forests to seagrass lagoons.
With the company of a veteran Nature Tour Guide, explore the life cycle of sea animals and organisms, and discover the unique properties of blue blood found in athropods. Delve deeper into topics such as Conservation and Sustainability, and learn more about the 5Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Reject).
Let’s escape the urban jungle into a delightful green sanctuary. Perfect for nature and outdoor lovers!

Chinese Hawker Street Food Tour & Tasting

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Singapore’s hawker street food is world-famous, so famous that our hawker culture made it to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. There are so many dishes to try but what is really good? Come join “Hawker Weng” and taste the best of Singapore’s Chinese Street Food!

Hawker Weng, a fictional street food hawker from the 1950s, is a louder-than-life character who will be your host on this culinary adventure. More than just a Singapore street food tour, delve deeper into the local ingredients used and understand the evolution of taste over time. Together with Hawker Weng, explore Singapore’s unique food culture and discover the must-eat dishes that we locals love.

Calling all foodies, let’s eat street food and make new friends in Singapore!

City Highlights: Chinatown, Little India & Kampong Gelam

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Discover the Best of Singapore on this City Highlights Tour! A great activity for those who want to experience the real Singapore, this fascinating walking tour will bring you to the 3 vibrant ethnic enclaves of Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Gelam. With the company of our fun and knowledgeable tour guide, learn about the melting pot of cultures in Singapore and hear interesting stories of our past.

Soak in the bustling atmosphere, get to see a slice of local life and create memories with us. There are plenty of photo stops as well to feed your social media. This City Highlights walking tour is perfect for the start of your trip or for travellers with only half a day to spare.

City Highlights: Singapore River & Marina Bay Singapore

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Explore the heartbeat of the city on this popular Singapore City Highlights Tour! Let’s take a scenic stroll along the Singapore River, where you get to admire impressive colonial architecture from our early Independence years. Marvel at the beautiful juxtaposition of old shophouses and shiny new skyscrapers, while our guide captivates you with inspiring stories of the people.

Follow that river of life to the Marina Bay area where you will be treated to a panoramic view of the city. This area is home to several must-see icons, including the Singapore Flyer, the durian-shaped Esplanade theatre, and our national symbol – the Merlion. For those who are pressed for time, this City Highlights Tour is the perfect activity to create some wonderful memories in Singapore.

East Coast Cycling Plan

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In partnership with Changi Airport Group, Let’s Go Tours created this unique cycling tour to showcase the lesser-known charms of the Eastern part of Singapore. Get behind the handle bars with us to explore heritage, culture and hidden gems that even the East-siders may not know about.

The East Coast of Singapore is a beguiling mix of old meets new. From war tales to modern marvels, delve deeper into the stories of the buildings and its people. Let’s take a cycle around this extraordinary neighbourhood and rediscover what makes the East Coast so special!

Historical Singapore Bike Tour

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Discover the REAL Singapore on our Historical Singapore route. Visit a typical residential town and watch the people go about their daily lives. Check out a market frequented by locals. Eat like a Singaporean; sample local snacks and drinks at a ‘coffeeshop’. See old and new HDB (public housing), as well as multi-million dollar riverfront ones.

We meander alongside the Singapore River – where trade brought life to the sleepy village town in the 1800s. See historically important landmarks, such as a 100-year old fire station, museums, and places of worship. Of course we’ll pay homage to the statue of Sir Stamford Thomas Raffles, founder of modern Singapore.

Learn how the 2nd World War affected Singapore and see monuments in honour of the many who suffered. Understand the melting pot of people from all over the world living here.

Fast forward to the present and be awed by the ultra modern business district. Be right in the action as we cycle right along part of the Formula 1 route (sorry the bikes can’t go 300km/h though).

What are you waiting for? Join us to Discover Singapore the RIDE way!

4 hours

Let's Go Cook - Discover Hainan

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Let Chef Colin who is trained in culinary and also a licensed Singapore tourist guide take you on a focused cultural cooking class. This experience aims to bring back the nostalgic essence of Hainanese cuisine.

This is a combination of a 45min mini walking tour that starts from the meeting point from Esplanade MRT Station Exit F where you will uncover the histories and interesting stories where you will trace down the roots of the Hainanese within the vicinity! After the tour, head down to the studio with US for an experience like no other that allows you to get into the kitchen to do hands- on food preparation cooking class from scratch, where you would learn about the aspirations, adversity and achievements of the Hainan community before the 21st Century.

Food is part of the intangible tradition where centuries of flavours and culture are well presented on our dining tables. Some of these dishes became familiar flavours, while some are forgotten through time. Come and explore these tastes together!

Time Duration - 3 hours

Participants are encouraged to bring their own takeaway boxes to play a part in reducing plastic waste in Singapore
Participants are allowed to eat on the spot after the experience or takeaway.